Customer Satisfaction

The Challenge in Finding a General Contractor

Building a custom home represents an exciting yet very stressful endeavor. A critical success factor is the building contractor who can guide you through the myriad of decisions, explain the ramifications and then proceed with an execution that meets or exceeds expectations. We chose Jack Thompson of Satinwood construction based on recommendations and extensive interviews. Our project was challenging to say the least, but selecting Jack was absolutely the right decision. We not only got an excellent contractor, but a true partner. Jack was with us every step of the way: directing a demanding site preparation, dealing with County officials, managing a very complex construction, sorting out a variety of neighborhood issues and still bringing the project in at budget. The house is great; we love it and continually receive complements on it from visitors. In summary, Jack did a great job, and we are lucky to consider him a friend.

Jim Hanley

Quality Construction

Jack Thompson has built two homes for me, the first in 1978. Quality construction and on time execution are assumptions that any owner expects from a contractor, Jack not only excels at and delivers a quality product but has the essential attribute of hearing what the owner and architect want and personally attends to any change during the process with enthusiasm. Building a home is a personal expression; I highly recommend Jack to actualize your project.

Scott Mattes

Home Remodel

The patio area that Jack built for us has not only become another room we can enjoy in the summer – it actually seems to transport us to another world entirely when we are out there, especially in the evenings. And all who spend time with us on our patio appear to be equally as enchanted by the magical ambiance that has been created. Working with Jack was a breeze. He’s pleasant, timely, flexible, efficient and on budget! If we should do another construction/remodeling type project we would definitely work with Jack again.

Mark and Karen Haimes

Home Remodel

I have known Jack since 1990 and he has done several jobs for me. These have ranged from a remodel of our basement to redoing a deck of a log house. He has always performed exceptional work and on a timely basis. I would highly recommend Satinwood Construction for your next project.

Custom-Built Mountain Home with ICFS

We chose Jack Thompson of Satinwood Construction to build our custom, fairly complex ICFS mountain home after interviewing 9 builders and comparing 5 bids. We would gladly make the same choice again. Jack was easy to work with, patient, and professional throughout the frequent twists, turns and bumps of this long process. He gave us a top quality home that we truly love. His 20 plus years of homebuilding experience was evident in the ease, flexibility, and wisdom with which he handled the many difficult issues that arose. But the real value of his experience can be seen throughout our home in the quality of the workmanship. Jack was on-site almost every day, supervising and working alongside his carpenters and subcontractors. Whenever a significant construction question or issue arose, he called us, provided good advice, and asked for our preferences. He made many great suggestions throughout our project that significantly improved upon our original design. Jack also brought us top quality subcontractors who gave us the same excellent workmanship, fairness and easy interactions that we enjoyed with Jack. Until you’ve been through this long and complex process, you can’t appreciate how much you must rely upon the integrity and fairness as well as the skills of your builder-contractor and how much you need those same qualities in his subcontractors. Jack’s honesty, skill, construction knowledge and excellent relationships with his subcontractors will make you glad that you entrusted him with your home’s construction.

We’d also encourage anyone to consider Satinwood’s special ICFS (Insulated Concrete Forming System) construction method. Whether you’re building in the mountains or the plains, ICFS just makes sense. In the frequent high winds of the Boulder area, ICFS gives you a much stronger, quieter home that is perfectly stable and always comfortable. ICFS’ high energy efficiency and complete tightness to the wind will be appreciated every day. ICFS walls will keep you feeling notably warmer than other homes on those arctic nights when temperatures drop well below zero, especially when the wind is howling outside.

We were also pleased with Jack’s attention to our budget. His pre-construction cost estimates were accurate for most categories, and on several items Jack fought down inappropriate subcontractor’s charges and saved us five to ten thousand dollars below estimates by searching for and finding quality subcontractors who would give us a better price. We’re happy to have chosen Jack Thompson to build our home and encourage you to consider him for your construction or remodeling project.

Paul and Marilyn Hartig

A Great Remodel Experience

Two years ago, we decided to update the outside look of our house – give it a little curb appeal and as part of the project, replace the windows on the front of the house. With a wonderful design from MacKay Design LLC in hand, we sought out three bids for the construction which included stucco, replacing the windows, building a front entry deck, and adding a sidewalk to the front deck. We chose Jack Thompson of Satinwood Construction.

Although Jack’s bid was neither the highest nor lowest, his work was spectacular. The project was completed within the estimates and on time. His subcontractors were on time, did great work, and were careful with the surroundings.

Jack’s work on the front deck, entry way, and windows was tastefully done with careful attention to detail. We consulted often on options but soon found out that taking Jack’s advice proved to be a wise choice.

We get a lot of compliments on our front entry and the new look to our house. We couldn’t be happier with the results and look upon the whole experience very positively. How many people can say that about their construction experience!

Gregg & Jackie Olson

If you’re planning home building or remodeling

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